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📼 Package media content for online streaming(DASH and HLS) using FFmpeg

Getting started is easy!

This package provides integration with PHP-FFMpeg and package media content for online streaming such as DASH and HLS. You can also use DRM for HLS packaging. There are several options to open a file from clouds and save files to them as well.

NOTE: For using DRM and encryption, I strongly recommend to try Shaka PHP, which is a great tool for this use case.

Quick Start

Installation, Usage, Players, and Examples


Classes, Methods, and ERD Diagrams

License & Credits

License & Credits of The Package


1. Open a video file from a local path or a cloud.
2. Package media content(create HLS or Dash files).
3. Save files to your local machine or a cloud(you can save to multiple clouds as well) or both.
4. Save metadata to your local machine
5. Play your stream by passing a manifest to a player.

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